Co-Living for Digital Nomads

Co-Living for Digital Nomads

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Are you a digital nomad? Have you found yourself working or studying remotely over the past year? What better time could there be to become a part of our international community here in Israel?! These are just some of the many reasons to take the leap now. Read the full list of reasons to Join the Abraham Hostels Co-Living Community in Israel.

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  1. Fast and reliable internet access

    is key to life as a digital nomad.  In all of our co-living spaces, all communal and private areas of our hostels are fully covered with fast unlimited wifi. We know that there is nothing more frustrating than trying to upload videos, or participating in zoom calls, or teaching online and experiencing internet issues. Whether you’re working in our communal work spaces, or video calling from our rooftop, you will be able to enjoy a high speed and stable WIFI connection.  In addition – Israel is quite exceptional with regards to FREE WIFI access.  You will be hard pushed to find a coffee place that doesn’t have fast and free WIFI – if you wish for a change of scenery – it’s perfectly acceptable in Israel to order a coffee and work for a few hours at a cafe.

  2. The Climate

    is often an important consideration, when choosing a co-living hub for your next adventure.  For all those based in the Northern Hemisphere, Israel really is a tempting migration destination – located on the doorsteps of Europe, on the Eastern board of the mediteranian, it is blessed with an abundance of sunshine and average winter highs of between 18 degrees celsius in Tel Aviv and 22 degrees Celcuis in Eilat.

    tel aviv beach

  3. Co-living safely in the corona era

     is of utmost concern for all of us.  Ironically, the past year has forced many people to work and study remotely – in theory growing the potential for digital nomad communities to thrive, while at the same time it has forced most of us to abandon travel plans and adopt more sedentary life-styles.  While global vaccination efforts advance, as an experienced, or a fledgling digital nomad, you will likely be scouting for your next destination.  Israel should definitely be at the top of your list.  Early projections show that Israel is likely to have completed mass vaccination by the end of February 2021 – this will likely lead to general restrictions being relaxed here before many other destinations.


  4. Comfortable working spaces

     can be found throughout the Abraham Hostels – our hostels are modeled around large multi-function social spaces.  Work in our communal lounge with other digital nomads, or find a quiet corner and sit in a rocking chair, or work from the outdoor sofas on our rooftops.  In Eilat, why not work from next to the pool with a cocktail.  Take your pick from any of our varied communal spaces according to your needs

  5. Explore and experience co-living in more than one place during your stay with Abraham Hostels!

    Are you staying in our co-living space in Tel Aviv? but wish to check-out and spend the week on the shores of the Red Sea to do some scuba diving? No problem! Talk to our team and we’ll arrange for you to relocate to our place in Eilat for the week.  Have you been living and working from Tel Aviv  for a month and feel like a change or scenery? Why not relocate to our co-living space in Jerusalem for your second month?

  6. Central locations

    are key to a good city based co-living environment.  We all want to be close to the action and not stuck in some boring suburb.  Our locations are centrally located.  In Tel Aviv our co-living hub is 2 minutes walk from the beautiful, leafy, cafe-lined Rothschild boulevard. In Jerusalem , we are 5 minutes walk from the vibrant Mahane Yehuda market and in Eilat we are based 10 minutes away from the Red Sea boardwalk and seafront.

  7. Speaking English

    and getting by is very possible in Israel.  Israel has 2 official languages – Hebrew and Arabic.  However, it is estimated that around 85% of Israeli can communicate in English, and most young Israelis, especially in Tel Aviv, can speak English to a reasonably high level.  As a digital nomad living in Israel, you should find that you can get by easily with English and will also have no problem finding locals that are happy to socialize with you in English.  In addition, Israel, and especially Tel Aviv is actually composed of a very diverse community of people, some of whom immigrated from French, Spanish Russian or English speaking countries among others!

  8. Hotels are too expensive, living in shared rooms can be a headache and AirBnb is sometimes an unreliable and lonely experience

    We hear you! That’s why we are offering private co-living spaces at prices that are competitive with the local rental markets and not with the hotel or hostel market.  We offer fixed all-inclusive prices for 2 week or 1 month renewals, with no hidden costs or extras.  Be a part of our community, share social spaces with fellow travelers and digital nomads, but maintain your own privacy.  Or conversely, if you don’t mind sharing your living quarters (coronavirus restrictions and considerations permitting) you can even book a shared room with another digital nomad for a much reduced rate.


    abraham hostel tel aviv rooms

  9. Keeping your living expenses low

    is very possible while living in our co-living communities. Over recent years, Israel has garnered a reputation for being an expensive destination.  However, it is very possible to maintain low living expenses and a high standard of living in Israel. Local and national transport on buses in Israel is exceptionally cheap where compared with many European cities.  In addition, shopping at local markets for fruit and vegetables is an unmissable experience and also allows for maintaining relatively low living expenses.  The key is to shop like a local. Fresh fruit and vegetables are very cheap in Israel compared to most European localities, whereas meat is generally more expensive.  As part of our co-living community, you will have access to our fully equipped communal kitchen and refrigerator space – it’s time to learn some local recipes – try and make a Shakshuka for yourself!

  10. What if I want to eat out?!

    For those that wish to eat out, there are also many cheap and relatively healthy options for those on a budget.  For typical Israel street food, try a plate of Hummus, or a Falafel in pita bread, or our personal favourite; Sabich (a pita sandwich with fried eggplant, boiled egg, chopped salad, hummus, tehini, and sour mango sauce).

    eat out at tel aviv

  11.  Be a part of a growing international community

    with Abraham.  Our co-living / co-working spaces allow for independent and like minded digital nomads to find a community – meet people from all walks of life with a similar outlook – share and learn from each other on how to succeed in reaching your goals as digital nomads.

  12. Living a healthy and outdoors lifestyle

    is important for our happiness and well-being.  Israel’s pleasant climate and energy encourages people to spend time outdoors and stay active.  In Tel Aviv, join the locals for an evening run on the seafront – in Eilat spend the weekend snorkeling at Coral Beach – or in Jerusalem, hike out to one of the fresh-water mountain springs for a morning dip.

  13. Vegetarians and vegans

    Israel truly is a paradise for you! Close to 10% of the Israeli population consider themselves vegetarian.  That number is likely to be much higher in Tel Aviv.  As a result, most restaurants and cafes all offer a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options on every menu.  In addition, cheap fruit and vegetables abound at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv’s local markets.  Whether you are vegetarian or a meat eater – don’t miss a visit to Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market or Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market  Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market.  If you want to live as the locals do – visit on a Friday morning before Shabbat – it’s quite an experience!

  14. Nightlife

    is a key aspect of Israeli life – as our vaccination program continues we all hope to see the quick recovery of our vibrant nightlife scene.  For those that really like to party, Tel Aviv  is the place for you.  Jerusalem and Eilat also have their share of bars, but Tel Aviv doesn’t have it’s reputation as the “City that never sleeps” for no reason.

    tel aviv night life

  15. Israel is closer and more easily reachable than many people think!

    The flight time from western Europe to Tel Aviv is around 4 hours and 30 minutes and much of Eastern Europe is only a short 2 hour flight away.  Flights from Cyprus to Tel Aviv start landing almost immediately after take off!  Easyjet, RyanAir and WizzAir are among some of the low-cost airlines that have direct flights to Tel Aviv.

  16. Digital nomads that are used to working or studying on European time

    co-living in Israel shouldn’t affect your routine much – Israel’s time zone is GMT +2 – so just 1 hour ahead of Central European Time (CET).

  17. Visas upon arrival

    are granted to citizens of a fairly broad spectrum of countries – allowing you to simply book a flight and receive a free 3 month tourist visa upon arrival in Israel.

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