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When tourism around the globe came to an abrupt halt with the onset of the Coronavirus, travel to Israel stopped. Israel’s holiest sites--which attract millions of tourists every year--were almost empty. The beaches along the coastline were sparse, and the various shuks were only kept in business by locals. After nearly a year and a half, travel to the country will soon resume! Israel’s mask mandate is only required indoors and vaccination rates are some of the highest in the world. Large events like the Pride Parade and concerts are happening throughout the country, and life is surely getting back to normal. I, personally, was able to come to Israel through an organized travel program, and did not have a hard time. I understand that traveling to Israel can be tricky when it comes to the pandemic, so I have all of the information you need!

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Travel Restrictions

  1. Individuals cannot come on their own right now; only organized tours such as Taglit – Birthright Israel, or Masa Israel Journey have eligibility to send people into the country 
    1. People can currently only travel to Israel independently if they are visiting a first-degree relative 
    2. To see more about Israel’s entry policy, click here 
  2. Before entering the country by airplane, you need to be tested within 72 hours of your flight’s departure, and you will have to present proof that you have tested negative 
  3. You must fill out this health declaration form within the 24 hours before your entry–no more than 24 hours before traveling to Israel
  4. You will have to take a test once you land in Ben Gurion Airport, and you can schedule that here 
  5. If you plan to travel to Israel by car or boat, the requirements are similar to those above, but for specifics, see this page 
  6. All travelers are required to enter isolation for 14 days, but it can be shortened to 10 days–if, on the ninth day of your quarantine, you test negative 

Mask Mandate when Traveling to Israel

Traveling to Israel will be pretty lenient compared to other countries in terms of wearing a mask. As of June 25 at 12:00, Israeli citizens are required to wear masks indoors and in enclosed spaces. However, you do not need to wear a mask in outdoor spaces. Personally, I have been denied entry from stores like Decathlon and AM:PM because I was not wearing a mask. I had to go back and get one from my home. For more information, see this article

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Green Countries versus Red Countries 

If your country is labeled as “Green” in terms of coronavirus cases, you should not worry about being allowed into Israel. However, if your home country is labeled as “Red” it may be more difficult for you to come to Israel (or any other country) for safety precautions. I came from the United States, which is a Red country, but since I am fully vaccinated and with a tour group, I was able to come. If I wanted to travel to Israel alone this summer, I could not do that. To find out which countries are “Green” and which are “Red” see this list. To check advice for traveling to Israel, see here

Big Events 

This summer, Israel is hosting many concerts. There is no longer a requirement to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test, however audience members are required to wear masks. In Ramat Gan, there was a beer festival in Schnitzer Square on June 30 and July 1. There were musical performances and a lot of people were in attendance. You will definitely not run out of things to do when traveling to Israel!

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Details about Vaccination Rates in Israel 

Traveling to Israel should not worry you, as vaccination rates in Israel are the highest around the globe. There are many reasons for this, some of which are the fact that the country is very small, its citizens are willing to participate, and their healthcare system is highly organized. In other countries, such as the United States, it took people months to even make a vaccine appointment. In Israel, however, all individuals have to do is go onto their healthcare provider’s app and schedule a time and date that works for them. In order to persuade people who may be apprehensive about getting their shot, the Israli government and health ministry have been very transparent about success rates and potential, small risks. People are more trusting because of this. In Israel, 10.8 million doses have been given out, 5.17 million (57.2%) people are fully vaccinated. 

Which Vaccines does Israel Accept?

Right now, Israel is recognizing two vaccines: the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. They do not accept Johnson & Johnson, which the United States does accept. For up-to-date information, see here

When you travel to Israel, see this page for everything you need to know about transportation! 

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When Can Traveling to Israel Resume, and What Should People Do in the Meantime? 

On August 1, 2021, traveling to Israel is open for everyone! We are just waiting on specific travel restrictions from the Ministry of Health, which will probably be similar to the restrictions listed above. We will keep you updated! 

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