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About Us

Our Vision

Our intention to offer true hospitality to all travelers that come through our hostel’s doors played a major role in the crucial decision of the hostel’s name. We draw our inspiration from Abraham, the father of monotheism and the first backpacker of the Middle East. Abraham was known for his hospitality with his tent flap always open to offer food, drink and rest and was the first truly regional traveler. Today, he marks a unifying symbol among the area’s most prominent faiths. These qualities made him a fitting representation of what we hope to bring to the world: unparalleled hospitality to our time and our guests.

The Founders of Abraham

Maoz Inon and Gal Mor, both enthusiastic globetrotters and travel entrepreneurs, met through their mutual efforts to promote Israel as a leading destination for independent travelers. Their dream was to create an all-encompassing one-stop hub for backpackers and to revolutionize the world’s view of Israel and the Middle East by revealing the local reality and all that this region has to offer. The idea of Abraham Hostel was born.

In order to turn their dream into a reality, the young entrepreneurs asked Nitzan Kimchi and Dror Tishler to join them, initially as investors and later on contributors to their experience, knowledge, and expertise. Finally, Yaron Burgin, who shares an equal love for travel and wish to turn Israel into a desirable backpacker’s destination, joined and complimented the team as the fifth partner of Abraham Hostels in 2006.

the five partners of Abraham Hostels

From left to right: Gal Mor Nitzan KimchiMaoz InonYaron Burgin & Dror Tishler

The Hostel

Our Nazareth location opened its doors in 2005 in a beautiful 200 years old Arab mansion. Located in the heart of the Old City, the Fauzi Azar is a great starting point for exploring the area as well as the outskirts of Nazareth or hiking the Jesus Trail.

As a pioneer of bringing people of different faiths and origins together in Nazareth, the Fauzi Azar became a local symbol of unity and peace in a once-troubled neighborhood. It’s a place where Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others can work and live together, share ideas, thoughts and lifestyle, and successfully built a thriving community based on mutual respect. Read more about the spectacular story of the Fauzi Azar here.

The Fauzi Azar, traditionally named after its last owner, hosts up to 50 travelers and daily events. The building is dominated by Ottoman architecture, from the quiet courtyard to the spacious Liwan featuring three enormous arched windows overlooking the Old City and the Basilica of the Annunciation. In the evenings, the space fills up when people come together to learn Arabic, participate in cooking workshops or enjoy the music nights.

Onward travels are made completely hassle-free with the door-to-door bus service dropping travelers at the other Abraham Hostels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, while Abraham Tours takes them on extensive trips all across the region.


We thank our guests for recognizing us widely and nominating us for so many local and international awards.