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  • I’m a vaccinated traveler from another country! Can I enter Israel?

    Great news! Vaccinated travelers can now enter Israel, as long as they meet one of the following conditions: You’ve been vaccinated with two doses of the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinovac, or Sinopharm vaccines, and 14 full days have passed. By the time you leave Israel, it cannot be more than 180 days since your last dose. You’ve been vaccinated with one dose of the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine, and at least 14 full days have passed. By the time you leave Israel, it cannot be more than 180 days since your last dose. If you’ve received the Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) booster and at least 14 full days have passed. Also, all travelers must not have not been to a designated “Red Country” in the past 14 days, or a country with a travel warning (designated by Israel). To check a country’s status, click here. Please note, Israel is only recognizing certain vaccines at this time. For the full guidelines from the Ministry of Health, click here

  • I recovered from COVID-19. Can I enter Israel?

    We’re glad you’re feeling better! Recovered travelers can enter Israel, as long as they meet the following conditions: You present proof of the results of a positive NAAT test at least 11 days before entering Israel. Meaning 11 days must have passed since your NAAT test, and no more than 180 have passed by the time you leave Israel. You have not been to a designated “Red Country” in the past 14 days, or a country with a travel warning (designated by Israel). To check a country’s status, click here.

  • What else do I need to do to enter Israel?

    Here are the things every traveler must have in order to be granted entry into Israel: Every traveler needs a negative PCR test to enter Israel, taken within 72-hours of departure. It must be a PCR test, a rapid test does not meet the requirements. You also need to fill out an entry form no more than 24 hours before entering Israel. If you have a verifiable digital vaccine or recovery certificate, you will upload your certificate and receive a “Green Pass'' before boarding your flight. If you do not have a verifiable digital certificate, you will fill out a declaration regarding your vaccines and will attach documents. You will also receive a “Green Pass” before boarding.

  • What should I bring when I board my flight?

    When you board your flight, you’ll be asked for: Documentation of your negative PCR test Confirmation that you submitted an entry form A vaccination certificate or digital recovery certificate

  • What happens when I land?

    You will need to take a second PCR test upon landing in Ben Gurion airport. There is a testing system at the airport already in place, and it is cheaper & quicker if you pay in advance. Click here to book your test in advance. After your test and upon arriving at the hostel, you will need to isolate yourself until you receive the results of your test (they will be emailed to you). During your isolation, you can order food from any place in the city. Our reception team will be happy to help bring the food to your room.

  • What do I need to have if I want to stay at Abraham Hostels?

    If you have the certificates required by the Israeli authorities, you can stay in our hostels by presenting your tourist visa entry paper.

  • Can I go to bars, restaurants, and other tourist attractions?

    Here in Israel, visiting indoor events and venues is subject to holding what we call a “Green Pass.” You will be asked to present this pass when entering most indoor public venues.

  • What if I catch COVID-19 while staying at the hostel?

    If this happens, you will be required to go to one of the quarantine hotels by ambulance. Using public transportation will not be allowed. The cost of the ambulance will apply to you or your insurance. If you require hospitalization, you will be taken to one of the public hospitals in Israel. We recommend having all of your insurance information handy before your trip. The quarantine hotels are the Jerusalem Gate Hotel and the Dan Panorama Tel-Aviv. Dan Panorama Jeruslaem is for quarantine and also for recovering from COVID. Please find more information about isolation here.

  • What if I’m exposed to a COVID patient?

    If you’re exposed to a verified COVID patient you’ll need to isolate yourself in your room until the results of a PCR test come back. Our staff will help you with food and other basic needs.

  • What is the cancellation policy at Abraham Hostels regarding COVID-19?

    If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be refunded for the nights you can’t stay at the hostel. If you test positive before arriving at the hostel and you’re unable to go on your trip, you will not be charged for your cancellation.

  • Where can I receive an official PCR test?

    The official PCR test can be done in places approved by the Ministry of Health. You can find information in Hebrew here and here, but please ask our staff to help you with this process.

  • How are you keeping the hostels safe and clean during this time?

    We are taking extensive measures to keep our hostels clean and safe for everyone. After the rooms are cleaned, they’re sealed with a special sticker, to mark that they’re sterile. We also have rapid COVID tests available in reception for 50 NIS. These self-administered tests do not replace official PCR tests, but can be used if a visitor is feeling unwell or if they just want to ensure they do not have COVID. You can also get this test in pharmacies all over Israel.

  • Where can I find the official information regarding COVID-19 pandemic in israel?

    The official place to get the most accurate and up-to-date information is the Health Ministry website.

  • Can I join Abraham tours?

    We would love for you too! Tours that involve going indoors are subject to the Green Pass system, while outdoor activities are subject to the “Purple Pass.” This means you need to wear a mask when going indoors and keep two meters distance from other participants. You will need to bring your vaccination/recovery certificate to join our tours.


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